We are a family with Christian roots and have a great love for the Eucharist. This is why, we have always given great importance to signs as symbols that help us to live with a greater sense of reverence the mysteries involved in the sacraments.


The DAYENÚ Wine begins with the purpose of helping Christians to enjoy communion more fully, on becoming one with the blood of Christ, be inundated with its pleasant texture, smell and taste and thus offer gratitude to the Lord for His love, leading us to touch heaven.


Therefore, from the best grapes of the Axarquía Malagueña we produce these wines that have the ECCLESIASTICAL GUARANTEE from the Delegation of Liturgy of the Diocese of Malaga that certify their validity as Eucharistic matter.


This gift from heaven now reaches not only the whole of Spain, but also 23 countries, including France, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Denmark and Finland.


One of our main unique signs is our unquestionable vocation of service which allows us to give a personalised treatment adjusted to the needs and desires of each of our customers.